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We set ourselves apart from others based on the exceptional service we provide to our clients. This means doing things differently.


Investor Disputes / Shareholder Engagement

We offer you unrivalled experience in advising the most high-profile investors on a wide range of investment issues/disputes that ultimately deliver value due to them. Our Managing Partner has acted as regular counsel for the most prominent activist hedge funds from their early days, helping them develop strategies, pioneering solutions and often leading investor campaigns that were ground-breaking in their markets.

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Impact and ESG Investments

We are at the forefront of evolving the traditional legal approach to M&A transactions to incorporate legal tools and solutions which promote and accelerate ESG and/or impact objectives. We are part of industry discussions and thought-leadership on this topic, because we believe lawyers have a critical role to play in bringing about such change.

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private equity

M&A / Private Equity

We have been involved in corporate transactions all around the world. We understand how deal dynamics and risk profile vary across different regions and industries, including emerging markets, and have developed a variety of mitigation solutions that manage risks presented by changing local laws, regulations and market conditions.

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special situation

Special Situation Investments

Our Managing Partner had decades of experience working with the most high profile event-driven/special situation funds. We understand that special situation deals have an additional layer of complexity, compared to investing in traditional assets, especially where the situational event relies on a legal or regulatory tactic/analysis to unlock value. As your long-term legal partner, we can help you combine legal and commercial strategies to drive results.

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Core Corporate

We act as trusted legal adviser to our clients, often from the early days of their business - supporting their growth and solving legal challenges along the way. We are the person they have on speed-dial and turn to whenever they need legal support.

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Our Difference

Our Difference

We are thoughtfully structured to ensure we have the expertise, judgement, time and mindset to solve even the most complex and difficult legal problems quickly and efficiently – providing you with the most effective and comprehensive legal advice.

“Angeli’s ability to bring creative ideas and craft novel solutions to problems deemed unsolvable by other counsel is amongst those attributes that have made her consistent first preference..”

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Impact & ESG Investments

Advised Amethis Finance (including on the follow on investment by IFC) on its private equity investment in Avacare Global, a pan-African healthcare company.

Representative Matters
Special Situation Investments

Acted as bondholders on corporate law aspects of the asset sales of collapsed Icelandic banks.

Representative Matters
Investor Disputes / Shareholder Engagement

Acted as regular counsel to a prominent activist global hedge fund for nearly two decades, including launching ground-breaking campaigns around the world, from the UK to New Zealand.

Representative Matters
Special Situation Investments

Advised bondholders on the corporate law aspects of Alliance Medical (£410 million restructuring).

Representative Matters

A Note from the Managing Partner

Clients use a “lawyer” not a “law firm” and the best lawyers just “get it” – they appreciate their client’s goals, they have the judgement to give effective advice and they have the determination to drive successful outcomes.

I moved from a ”magic circle” firm to a prominent US law firm becoming one of its first six hires in London. I experienced first-hand how a small team of phenomenal lawyers can very quickly gain market recognition because of the outstanding service they provide.

At five years’ PQE, my firm trusted me to establish and then lead their Hong Kong office. My lawyering skills were completely exposed – no precedents or large team around me – yet my clients included the most prominent activist global funds. Together, we handled some of the most pioneering investor actions around Asia; I became an extension of their team, working through their issues as if they were my own.

Years later, I moved to South Africa, to head a global law firm’s Africa Private Equity practice. I earned the trust of new clients in a foreign jurisdiction, because they saw my dedication to their success – winning them the best terms, giving them the best advice and not missing a trick. The firm’s PE practice became a market leader in record time.

“Whilst the business of law has become increasingly complex over the years, my vision for Allectus is simply to put proficient lawyering and client service front and centre again. Not afraid to challenge outdated practices, the firm has been thoughtfully structured to enable this vision and deliver the very best of ourselves, to ensure we always “get” your needs and deliver results.”

Angeli Arora, Founder and Managing Partner
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CEO, Leading Healthcare Group

“Angeli has been a true partner to our business. She always makes a concerted effort to better understand our business and the challenges we face. This, combined with her unique talent to grasp the details of a problem very quickly and then to present innovative solutions has assisted our business immensely in addressing a range of problems and challenges over the years. This approach has made Angeli much more than just a legal advisor; she is a trusted partner and a real friend to the business.”

Senior Partner, Africa and Europe Focussed PE Fund

“Rather than simply identifying issues, Angeli takes the initiative to propose innovative and practical solutions that directly support the client’s objectives. Her recommendations are comprehensive and clearly articulated, ensuring that all stakeholders can grasp the complexities of the situation. I wholeheartedly recommend Angeli to any organization seeking a senior legal advisor who not only understands the intricacies of the field but also possesses the ability to translate legal complexities into strategic advantages.”

Co-founder, Investment Fund

“Not only is Angeli a very experienced professional, but she has real empathy, constant availability and a very developed tactical sense which means that she is fully integrated into the teams allowing complex problems to be solved quickly and efficiently.”

Regional Head, Global Hedge Fund

“Angeli’s ability to bring creative ideas and craft novel solutions to problems deemed unsolvable by other counsel is amongst those attributes that have made her consistent first preference.”

Senior Partner, Africa and Europe Focussed PE Fund

“Angeli Arora has consistently proven herself as an exceptional legal advisor on numerous transactions. Her pragmatic and business-oriented approach sets her apart in the field of legal advisory. She possesses an ability to comprehend the intricacies of transactions and distill them into actionable solutions that align with the client’s goals. Her keen awareness of the implications of legal decisions on the commercial aspects of transactions makes her an invaluable asset.”

CEO, specialist tech firm focussed on client-directed voting

“Angeli has been a brilliant support; collaborating with us to understand new business opportunities and challenges, as well as helping to present our innovations to prospective clients. From straight up legal advice to white-papers, her team was genuinely interested in being an enabler of our success.”