The launch of Allectus has been featured in:

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Angeli told Law360 that Allectus Law’s entry into the London legal market has come at a time when many law firms have become “legal machines” — they take on high volumes of work that often come at a cost to client service. Arora said she wants to turn the traditional way law firms carry out work on its head, so that clients receive a more personalised service. “I think what clients want, particularly those in the funds industry, is a personal approach,” Arora said. “The work they do is very strategic. They have financial objectives and they need someone who can ensure that those goals are met through a legal framework.” Read more on this here: Law 360 Article

The Drawdown features the launch of Allectus, noting the important gap it fills for funds without GCs. Read more here: Drawdown Article

Angeli comments in the Global Legal Post on the launch of Allectus. Read more here: Global Legal Post Article