Our founder, Angeli Arora, was recently interviewed by Art and the City – sharing her experiences as a lawyer. The full interview is available on Spotify here.



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This week’s Art and the City – UK podcast features Angeli Arora, founder of Allectus, a law firm that covers high profile corporate matters for investors. She has been a partner for over 16 years at several top global law firms, and was one of the youngest partners at a top US law firm by the age of 30. She has worked in the UK, Hong Kong and South Africa, and has received several awards including Commercial Lawyer of the Year at the Women and Diversity Awards 2023. She is also part of the senior advisory committee at The Engagement Appeal – TEA.

In the podcast, we get an opportunity to hear Angeli’s views on creativity in the workplace, why so many women drop out of law, and how taking a risk almost always pays off. Questions we ask include:

  • What was your route into law?
  • What advice would you give your younger self on entering the workplace?

How would you invest a small sum of money if you had the opportunity to today?

To hear the answers to these questions, check out the podcast here: https://shorturl.at/fixzZ